2024 Parade Rules and Regulations


Setup Time

The parade begins at 12 PM to accommodate the length of the parade and ensure that all spectators have sufficient time to get to the ballpark by the start of the game at 4:10 PM. To ensure all units are in their designated spot and to assist with maneuverability within our limited space, we have updated the required time units should be on-site. See below for the final setup time requirements per unit group:

  • Units 1 - 30: Arrival of 9:00 AM
  • Units 35 - 57: Arrival of 9:15 AM
  • Units 58 - 83: Arrival of 9:30 AM
  • BANDS: Arrival of 10:00 AM or earlier
  • Units 85 - 125: Arrival 10 AM or earlier
  • Units 126 - 155: Arrival of 10:30 AM or earlier
  • HORSES: Arrival of 10:30 AM or earlier

Position Cards

All units will receive a position card with your Unit # via email the week of the parade. Units must print the cards, which should be displayed in a visible location upon arrival at your gate entry. If your entry has multiple units, please print an entry card for each unit. Parade Marshals will provide additional cards on the day of arrival at each unit's designated entry point.

Band Buses

Band buses should enter the marshaling area from the corner of Liberty and Elm Streets (Gate A). Once unloaded, the buses should be moved to the demarshaling area on Fifth, Sentinel, Sycamore and Main streets no later than 10:30 AM.

Horses & Animal Units

Any support vehicle, including horse trailers, not participating in the parade should be unloaded and moved from the lineup area to the demarshaling area by 10:45 AM. Please leave the street as clean as it was prior to your arrival. You are responsible for the cleanup of any materials dropped by your animals.



Parade performances must be executed at parade marching speed. Stopping to perform, unload, or pick up performers is strictly prohibited.


Per a City of Cincinnati ordinance, hand-outs of any kind, including campaign literature and samples, are prohibited during parades.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the parade or in the parade staging area is strictly prohibited.

Amplified Sound

All units are required to keep the volume on their sound systems turned down to a reasonable ambient level while in the marshaling area to minimize noise and confusion.

Fire Extinguishers

All units, except those consisting only of marchers, must have a fire extinguisher. The Cincinnati Fire Department will be inspecting units for compliance with this rule.

Proof of Insurance

Any unit that includes a motor vehicle or animals must have proof of liability insurance. Be prepared to provide proof of insurance upon a parade marshal’s request.

Support Vehicles

Trucks, trailers and other support vehicles that were not explicitly approved by the Parade Committee may not proceed with their units in the parade.


Parade Marshals

Parade Marshals will ensure that the Parade is staged and proceeds in as orderly a manner as possible. They will be wearing neon yellow vests. They are authorized to remove any unit causing issues with the safe and efficient flow of the parade. Please follow their instructions. If you need assistance, seek out a Parade Marshal or call 513-500-7554.

Food and Drink

Several Findlay Market Merchants will open at 9 AM. You can find more information on which Merchants will be open, and the Opening Day Specials they’ll be serving here: https://www.findlaymarket.org/news/openingday2024


There will be a number of portalets stationed at Findlay Market's North parking lot.

Exiting the Parade

The parade ends on Fifth Street between Sycamore and Sentinel streets near the Taft Theater. Entries will not be permitted to remain in this area after their unit has completed the parade. If you wish to view the remainder of the parade, you must move to the sidewalk area. Parade Marshals and police officers will be in the demarshaling area to ensure the streets remain as clear as possible.

Marshaling Area

The parade stages on Race, Elm, Findlay, Elder, Green, and Henry streets. Parade Marshals will be stationed at all staging area entrances. Please follow their instructions upon arrival.

Parade Route

The Parade will follow the same route as last year. Beginning at 12 PM, it will move South on Race from Findlay Market, turn right on Fifth Street, and end at the Taft Theater.


The streets in the staging area will be closed to non-parade traffic starting at 8 AM sharp. This includes access to the Findlay Market South and North Parking Lot. Please arrive early to find parking accommodations and avoid a last-minute rush if you plan to park outside of the staging area. You can find more information about parking in the Findlay Market District.

Television Coverage

The Parade will be streamed live on several local TV stations as well as the jumbo screen at Fountain Square. Cameras will be stationed at various points along the parade route.


Unless the game is canceled, the parade will go on, rain or shine.