2023 Meet & Greet

The Findlay Market/Opening Day Parade is a two-day event. The Parade Committee is committed to bringing those members from or those that have been a part of the Cincinnati area that have made us cheer for their athletic skills, music and other forms of entertainment or heroics.  In doing so, we sometimes have to fly people in from around the country and put them up in hotels for a few days.  We decided to come up with an idea where we could show our appreciation to the Celebrities who join the parade and those that fund the travels of these Celebrities with an evening where they can meet each other and also get some exposure on local news stations.   Those in attendance are provided with some great drinks produced by a local brewery/distillery and fine food provided by the vendors of Findlay Market along with quality live music.  Before the 2023 Meet & Greet, Knox Distillery at the OTR Stillhouse, gave VIPs a tour of the distillery and then provided them the opportunity to have a shot of bourbon directly out of the barrel of the first known barrel of bourbon produced in the state of Ohio by a female.  This was a very fun event for all.  As can be seen in the photo gallery, everyone took pictures with everyone.  We also had two news stations come in to do interviews.  At the end of the event, Smoothie King presented Ken Anderson with a $1,000 donation to the Ken Anderson Alliance.

The Special Guest list of those in attendance for the Meet and Greet included:

Cincinnati Reds:
Doug Flynn - 1975 & 1976 Member of the Big Red Machine World Series Teams
Ron Oester - 1990 Member of the Wire-to-Wire World Series Team

Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball:
- Tom Thacker: UC 1961-63; 1961 & 1962 National Champion Teams; 2x First-team All-MVC (1962, 1963)
- George Wilson: UC 1962-64; 1962 National Champion Team, 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist (Basketball), Cincinnati Royals
- Roland West: UC 1964-67; First-team All-MVC (1966); 1966 Sweet 16
- Mike Artis: UC 1974-76; 1975 Sweet 16
- Robert Miller: UC 1975-78; First-team All-Metro Conference (1977); 1975 Sweet 16; Cincinnati Slammers (CBA)
- Myron Hughes: UC 1982-86; 1985-86 UC MVP
- Damon Flint: UC 1994-97; 2x Elite Eight; OHSBCA Mr. Basketball
- Terry Nelson: UC 1992-93, 1992 Final 4, 1993 Elite Eight
- Melvin Levett: UC 1996-99; UC single-game record for three-pointers (10) vs E. KY; Cincinnati Stuff (IBL); Harlem Globetrotters

Former Cincinnati Bengals:
- Ken Anderson: Super Bowl XVI, 1981 MVP, 4x Pro Bowl, All Pro
- Louis Breeden: Super Bowl XVI, All Pro
- Jim Breech: Super Bowl XVI, Super Bowl XXIII & All-Time Top scorer for The Bengals
- David Fulcher: Super Bowl XXIII, 3x Pro Bowl, 3x All Pro
- Shayne Graham - Kicker (2002 - 15) Pro Bowler
- Doug Pelfrey - Kicker (1993 - 99) KY Pro Football HoF (Class of 2005)
- Joe Kelly: Super Bowl XXIII
- Kevin Walker: Super Bowl XXIII

Other Special guest:
- Mary Danner Wineberg - Gold 2008 Beijing
- Otis Williams of Otis Williams and The Charms
- Patti Collins - President of Bootsy Collins Foundation
- Heather French Henry - Miss America 2000
- Khetag "The Lion" Pliev - Ohio Div 1 Most Outstanding Wrestler. Bronze 2011 Pan Am Wrestling
- Matt "The Hammer" Hamill - 3x NCAA Champion; Retired UFC Fighter, and the subject of the movie: The Hammer https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1094666/
- Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall - Retired UFC Fighter
- Omar Cummings - retired FC Cincinnati
- Corben Bone - retired FC Cincinnati
- Beard Barons (Taxi Phil, David Neiheisel)
- Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum (in uniform)

A special thanks to those who made this happen:
Findlay Market Opening Day Parade Committee Members - Neil Luken, Kevin Luken, Debbie Gannaway, Jeffrey Gladish, Kelly Lanser, Samantha Stewart-Campbell, Erin Matulis & Ron Murphy.
OTR Stillhouse - Michele Hobbs
Photographer - Earl Stanfield
Music by - 

Food provided by Findlay Market operators:


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