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There are two books out about Opening Day in Cincinnati. One has its focus on the festivities around the day, such as the parade and the other on the games.

Cincinnati Opening Day BookThe book that focuses on the festivities is: Cincinnati's 150-Year Opening Day History: The Hoopla Started with a Parade, by Randy Freking's (2018). It comes in Soft-Bound for $29.95 or Hard-Bound for $39.95 (signed or unsigned). It is described as:

Cincinnati’s unique Opening Day traditions – from 1869 to the present – have evolved from canaries at the ballpark entrance, Tally Ho parties marching to the game, and the Findlay Market parade to today’s mega holiday that involves the entire region. This book chronicles the evolution of the spectacle and local, national, and worldwide historical events that occurred on the special date and sometimes directly affected Opening Day. ​

Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Reds baseball! Just in time for the 2019 celebration of the first professional baseball team – our very own Red Stockings! – comes Randy Freking's new book, Cincinnati’s 150-Year Opening Day History: The Hoopla Started with a Parade.

The book is NOT about the games that were played each year, although many accounts of game action are included. You can find books detailing the actual games elsewhere.

This 350-page review of Opening Day traditions will appeal to die-hard Reds fans and anyone else interested in Cincinnati history. With dozens of seldom-seen photographs, it makes a perfect coffee-table book.

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The book that focuses on the game is: Opening Day Celebrating Cincinnati's Baseball Holiday, by Erardi/Rhodes (2004).

Greg Rhodes is the Cincinnati Reds Team Historian and wrote the Opening Day history section of

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